Friday, November 13, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I've got a lot of catching up to do....

It's been a while, and the funnies are piling up! we go!!

Harrison and Clayton playing dollhouse in Ms. Sally's room:
Harrison: The baby's crying.
Clayton: Yeah, it probably wants to eat.
Harrison: Yeah, it wants a bottle.
Clayton: No, it wants to nurse. Have you ever seen those babies latch on?? They can really suck.
Harrison: That's just not right. In fact, that's outrageous!

Learning about Barack Obama in Ms. Sally's room, Alex asked, "Was he alive when there were dinosaurs?"

And talking about cursive writing...
Ms. Sally: As you get older, you will write in cursive. You will learn to write your name in cursive.
Harrison: Ms. Sally, I don't care how old you get, you don't ever curse anyone. And you never curse yourself.

After a particularly good day in the yellow room, Zachary's dad said, "I'm so proud of you! Do you think we should go somewhere special?" Zachary replied, "Yes...and I think it should be somewhere that BOUNCES!" Bounce Zone anyone???

One day in the red room, Kyle had an accident and went to change his clothes. Realizing he didn't have any underwear in his bag, Ms. Carly said, "It's ok, just put your pants on." Kyle responded, "Well, my mom doesn't really like it when I go commando."

Ms. Lynna (pronounced like Renee only with an L) has started teaching in the yellow room...Here are the names she is answering to:
Lemay (Teagan)
Lemonay (Ava)
Renee (Bryce)
Lennamay (Tessa)
Melay (Val)
and (of course) Mindi!

Beth, who was having a cranky day at school didn't take a nap. She got up off her cot and was even more cranky than she had been before. I said to her, "Beth, when you feel cranky, you need sleep. Today would have been a good day for you to nap." Beth looked me right in the eye and said, "Well, maybe today would have been a good day for you to nap, too." And, undoubtedly, she was right!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday Funnies...

Ms. Sally: Friends your question of the day is "Do you have a favorite farm animal?"
Riya: I checked no. I don't have a farm animal. I have a sister, but she doesn't count.

Ms. Lori: Raise your hand if you hear the F sound. "We had pancakes for breakfast."
Teagan raises her hand.
Ms. Lori: Yes, Teagan! Where do you hear it?
Teagan: Pancakes!!!
Ms. Lori: I'm not sure about the F sound...but what other sounds do you hear?
Teagan: P and K. I just got confused because at our house, sometimes we call them FANcakes.
Ms. Lori: And do you eat them and drink FORANGE juice??
Teagan: Yeah...and lots of FYRUP!!

Playing with the parachute in Ms. Sally's room this morning...
Beth: Ms. Sally, there's too much people in here.
Ms. Sally: Beth, this is our preschool family...isn't it nice to be together as a whole family??
Beth: Not 'weally'.

If Mohammad doesn't go to the pumpkin patch...We bring the pumpkin patch to Mohammad!

This might not LOOK like the pumpkin patch you were expecting....BUT....

Sally's class decided this morning that rain or no rain, they were going to the pumpkin patch! So they pulled out one of our pumpkin tablecloths, spread it on the floor, requested popcorn and apple juice for snack, cranked up the music, and...instant field trip!!!

(Ella enjoying her popcorn snack!)

Clayton said, "This is better than the real pumpkin patch!" And warmer...and drier!!

(Clayton and Mugsie Monkey...enjoying a day at the pumpkin patch!)

We promised them they wouldn't have to "learn" anything they turned off their brains and got ready for fun!! The parachute will be coming out shortly...and I have a feeling some pumpkin races will be taking place in the hallway today!

(J playing his air guitar!!)

The other classrooms have followed suit having popcorn parties and taking part in fun projects. We're so lucky to have teachers who can turn it on and fly by the seat of their pants in a pinch!!

So, yeah...we don't need no stinkin' pumpkin patch!!!

UPDATE...the pumpkin races have officially started...I KNEW IT!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Don't tell tales...

Riya walked to Sally this morning, touched Sally's nose and then pulled her finger way out in front of Sally's face, saying: "Ms. Sally, if you are wrong, your nose will start to grow. And then you can't come to school."

Hmmm...wonder if Miss Riya got caught telling a little fib to mom and dad??

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall Fun!

With all of the rain today, we had to bring the outside in! The kids LOVED making the leaves "fall" with the parachute. What a great activity...and we came up with it on the spur of the moment!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just another day in Ms. Sally's world...

Ms. Sally fell the floor. SHE'S OKAY!!! But after she fell, she looked up to see Harrison with a funny look on her face. She said, "You thought that was funny, didn't you, H?" He replies, "I wanted to laugh so bad, Ms. Sally, but I was afraid you might really be hurt!!"

This morning in Sally's room, two boys were having a problem because one of them said the other one spit at him. After some talking, Sally realized that the little boy spit on the other when he was talking...on accident. Sally sat with both boys and said, "It's important to swallow before you talk. If you don't, you may spit on someone else. It does happen, I've spit on Ms. Lori before when we were talking. I just told her I was sorry. So, "first little boy", can you please apologize to "other little boy"?" Boy #1: I'm sorry. Boy #2: I "assept" your apology.
Problem solved, Ms. Sally got up and walked away. Ben, who has been watching this whole thing goes, "Whoa...Ms. Sally, you're just like Dr. Phil!"

Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's a WHAT?

Ms. Whittney was playing a guessing game with the kiddos. Some of them were giving clues to an object they could see to a child who was blindfolded. Kyle was blindfolded, and the object was "something really pokey" and "an animal."

Kyle: I GOT IT!! It's a pike-u-porn. A pokey-cone. A corny-pike. I can't think...but I know what it is!!

Whittney: A porcupine??

Kyle: Yeah...I was getting there.

That musta hurt...

Ms. Sally: How are you this morning Ms. Tori?

Ms. Tori: Ugh...Ms. Tori feels like she got hit by a truck.

Ben: OH MY GOSH...are you ok?? (then to his friends) She got hit by a truck...but I think she's ok.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shhh...Little ones at rest

There is nothing I love more than walking into the Green room and naptime and seeing these sweet little sleeping faces, so I thought I'd share!

Gabby..Our Super Napper!


Myah's toes

Beth Ann

Aren't they so cute you could just eat 'em??

No really...he's sick!

Lynde and Jay get to play with me every day because they come in a little early in the day. We play in the green room while we wait on Ms. Tori to arrive. Today, Jay was sick, so he stayed home. Lynde repeatedly asked me why Jay wasn't here, to which I kept saying "He's sick." Finally, the last time she asked, I said, "Lynde, do you remember what I said? Jay's not here because he's....." She thought about it for a minute, looked at me and said, "A goofball??"

Friday, September 11, 2009

Really???? For BREAKFAST?

Kyle: Ms. Nicole, what's for lunch?
Ms. Nicole: Nachos
*momentary pause while Nicole goes into the hallway to make breakfast*
*Ms. Nicole returns with cereal and fruit*
Teagan (who had obviously caught a SMALL portion of the conversation between Kyle and Nicole, upon receiving her breakfast): What is THIS??? You promised NACHOS!

Ah, yes...Nachos. The breakfast of champions!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yes, Old MacDonald is a fan of the Black Eyed Peas...

This morning Jay was in the bathroom, and he was singing this version of Old MacDonald:

"Old MacDonald had a farm, EIEIO.
And on this farm he had a song, and it went like this.
I like that BOOM BOOM POW, and that BOOM BOOM POW.
They try to copy my swagger with that BOOM BOOM POW!
Old MacDonald had a farm BOOM-BOOM, BOOM-BOOM POW."

Not one we'll be singing in circle time, but still very cute!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fishers Fire Department

Thanks to the Fishers Fire Department for a fabulous visit this week with our morning classes. Cutest quotes of the day?

Ella S.: So, fireman, where's your spotted dog?

Kyle: I like it, but if they turn on that siren, I'm really gonna freak out.

Tommy (upon seeing the truck): Are they gonna let us drive it??

Ms. Lori: Firefighters keep us safe if there's an emergency.

Ava: Yeah, but mostly they just shop at Wal Mart.

What a great, great morning!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

From the mouths of babes...

Mom: Ellery...what did you do at school today?

Ellery: (silence)

Mom: Did you have fun?

Ellery: (silence)

Mom: Tell me what you did with Ms. Mindi.

Ellery: (silence)

Mom: Ellery, if you'll tell me nothing else, will you at least tell me if you liked it??

Ellery (looking at mom like she's not very smart...): Well, what's not to like??


Kyle: Ms. Lori, this fire drill is scary.

Ms. Lori: It's OK, buddy, we're just having a practice.

Kyle: Well, what would do if there was a real fire?

Ms. Lori: You tell me. What would we do if we had a real emergency?

Kyle: We get the heck out the house. But I still don't like it.


Jack: I had the chicken pox once.

Kyle: Well, where did you get those? Were you hanging out on a farm?

Kyle: Ms. Carly, I'm going to stand up, but I'm not going to be singing today.

Lauren: Well, that's your choice, Kyle.
(This is especially funny if you are a teacher, and hear yourSELF say this a million times a day! We always say Lauren could run the school without us...this is further confirmation of that!)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yep...that's a clothespin!

Teagan really does not like the smell of our play doh. She says it makes her "gag", makes her "sick", and makes centers "no fun". Today was a play doh day, and Teagan was instantly put off by it. She told Tori in no uncertain terms that she would NOT be playing in the play doh, which Ms. Tori said was fine. However, when the others started playing, Teagan couldn't resist. She came up with a great plan all by herself...see how happy she is playing in the play doh??? Never mind that the clothespin was only clipped on the tip of her nose...she could still totally smell the play doh!


Today, our friend Lynde started with us in the Green Room. She is so very sweet and eager to please!! When we are trying to get the class' attention, you will often hear our teachers say, "Find my face." Lynde totally thinks this is a everytime today that I said, "Find my face." Lynde would spout back with, "I found it! It's right there under your hair!!!" And then she would clap like she had really done something. So cute!

And then...
Jack: Once I had chicken pox.
Kyle: You did? How did you get chicken pox??? Were you hanging out on a farm???

Monday, August 10, 2009

It's gonna be tough with no pockets and only one sharing hand...but we'll make it!

So, we're underway here for another year!! It's been fun so far, and we just keep expecting more and more fun to come along!

A cute little story to share about one of our new friends, Teagan. Teagan is a big helper and loves to get caught being good! So we very quickly needed to acquaint Teagan with our WOW program. (For those of you who have been with us before, you know all about WOWs and honeysticks...for those of you who don't know...just you wait and see!) So Ms. Tori sat her friends down and was explaining how when you do something great, you get a WOW (green slip of paper) or a honeystick to place in your pocket (an evelope type pocket on the wall). Teagan, and all of them really, were most excited for the opportunity to get a WOW/honeystick. It took no time to catch Teagan in the act of being good, and Ms. Tori said, "Teagan! Here's a WOW for your pocket!" Teagan lit up, then took the WOW from Tori. Then, as she looked down over herself, her shoulders slumped in disappointment. I saw this happen, and said, "What is it, Teagan??" And she says, "Well, I just got my first WOW. But I "weared" this skirt today...and it doesn't even have any pockets." I explained to her that her pocket was actually on the wall. She got that wonderful light back in her eyes and said, "OH...well I'm glad I don't need to BRING a pocket everyday!" I love it!! I love how their little minds are so literal to what we say! Regardless, Teagan got that WOW in the right pocket...and has added many, many more to it since!

Also, today Ms. Tori was heading outside with her class...trying to beat the rain. Just before they go out, Tori always reminds them to use their "sharing hands". She said, "Everyone hold up your sharing hands so I can see!" Little Ella holds up one hand with a band aid on her finger (she's OK, Amy & Mark...I couldn't even see the boo-boo...but it was there in her mind, so it had to be addressed!) and she says to Tori, "Well, one of my sharing hands is broken." Tori reminds Ella that that's OK, she has another hand that will still share. Ella goes, "Yeah...let's hope I use that one today!"

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Let them be little...

Today, Harrison wasn't feeling well, so he came up to my office to lay on a cot. I was sitting next to him talking. He said, "Ms. Lori, I think I won't be able to come to Pirate camp tomorrow. I'll probably still be sick." I said, "That's ok, buddy. You need to rest." He goes, " you think you'll have it next year? Maybe I'll come for it then." I said, "Just think, next year, you'll be getting ready for first grade!" He said, "What color is that room?" I explained that we don't have first grade at LEP, and he said, "I've noticed an extra room in the back...a gray know gray around the door." I told him that was the closet, and he asked how big it was. "Maybe we could have first grade there." I said, "It's not that big, buddy." He said, "Well, I think we should talk to Ms. Sally and see if we can just have first grade in the blue room." Finally, I told him, "You'll be so big by then, you'll be getting ready for your new big boy school." And then, he made me tear up when he said, "I want this to be my big boy school...I love it here." He was quiet for a little bit, then he said, "We can talk more about it later. I'm going to close my just keep rubbing my back." Oh, how I wish they stayed little...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Ms. Lori, how can you be so cruel??

Yesterday, as Nolan was leaving school, he tripped and fell. He looked like he was going to cry, so trying to distract him, I said, "No, no floor! You don't hurt Nolan!" He looked up at me and said, "Not the floor, the tree." (Meaning the huge plant in the front office.) So I quickly said, "NO, no tree! You don't hurt Nolan!!" Nolan walked very quietly to the tree, started petting it's leaves and said, "It's ok, tree. It was just a accident (ass-uh-dent)." He kept looking at me like I was so cruel to talk to the tree that way...I actually felt a little sorry for the plant! It takes these kids to keep me sweet. (For those of you who know me well, stop laughing..I'm very sweet!!!)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Magnificent Moms

Ahhh...Mom's night is complete, and it was a success! Now that most of you have your Mother's Day books that we made (whew!) I wanted to share a few funnies that happened while we were working...

By far, the BEST answer I got to any of the questions was this one that came from Josie:
Me: How are you and your mom alike?
Jo: We both like TV
Me: How are you and your mom different?
Jo: Well, I'M smart.

Alli told me that she loves how her mom is "squishy". If you've seen Alli's mom, you know she is super fit and there is no "squish" to her anywhere! I think it's Alli's way of describing her mom's soft personality. I love that!

I giggled at many of the ages given to you ladies...everything from 2 to 100.

The favorite foods were funny too. Lots of you moms are eating a lot of pasta according to your kiddos!

The overall favorite thing you all like to do or are good at is taking a nap...and I'm right there with you! But there were some other good ones, too, like "Give me a bath" (Kian), "Play PacMan with me" (Riley), and "Chasing daddy!" (Nadia).

I liked to hear what it is that your kids think you say to them a lot! Most of them said some form of "I love you." However, Alli said her mom says "Hi, Alli" quite a lot. Jasmine's mom asks her to clean her room. And Tessa's mom tells her to go to her classroom! (Considering Tessa has only been with us 2 weeks...)

I hope you all enjoyed the "How do you know your mom loves you?" question. It really is the small things you do!

Thanks again to all of you who were able to make it tonight. We were excited by the great turnout, and the children truly enjoyed it. Tell me you all didn't go home chanting "A Tooty Ta, A Tooty Ta, A tooty ta-ta!" What a great night!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day! You all deserve it! Thanks for being the great moms you are, and in turn, raising phenomenal children! We're grateful!! Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Yep...With a very expensive bow!!!

Cute exchange between Ms. Carly and Remington:

Remington: Ms. Carly, was this school here when I was born?
Carly: No, it's only been here about a year.
Remington: Oh. Did you buy it?
Carly: No, Ms. Lori bought it.
Remington: Oh...(thoughtful silence) Did it come in a big package?

So precious. I think he was literally picturing this huge box, and when I took the lid off, there was Little Explorers. And although it was very similar to was only a tad more stressful!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Miss Josie

You know it's been a great day when your child gets a whole section in the blog named for her!

Yesterday, Josie was telling Ms. Sally a story...which I will get to in a moment...and she said, "Ms. Sally, I lie. I lie a lot. But I'm not lying now." Now here's the story that was all truth! Josie told her friends that her family had adopted another brother. His name is Jason. The kids were all looking at Josie with huge she kept going. "He is a boy, his name is Jason. He lives with us." Then she saw me watching her and said, "Actually, he's just visiting us at our house, not living there. And he's not even a boy, he's a girl..." I think at this point, she realized she was doomed, so she just stopped.

Then, as she was leaving yesterday afternoon, she passed Ms. Holly, who had done Spanish with the children earlier in the day. Josie said, "Asta Flamingos!" and skipped out the door with a huge smile on her face. She was so sure of herself...I love that!

Yesterday afternoon, I was talking to Ellery, who had on a new shirt that said, "I'm the big sister!" I complimented her shirt, and Jay happened to hear me. He started talking, not to me...but just sort of muttering, "I think I look pretty awesome today, too. I got this cool shirt on and these new basketball 'showts'. I look pretty 'tool'." So I said, "Hey, look pretty awesome a basketball player." He looked up and me and very nonchalantly said, "Oh, thanks!" It was obvious that he was trying so hard to look uninterested in the compliment, after his pep talk to himself.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's that called again???

Many of you have probably seen the dioramas hanging on the wall on the way to the Pre-K room. Ms. Sally was so excited about these, and was having the children tell their parents about them when they came for pick up. When Wesley's mom came, Ms. Sally said, "Wes, tell mommy what we made today!" He was trying to think of the word, but couldn't come up with it on his own. Sally tried to help him out saying, "Di-uh...." and Wesley gave her the strangest look and said, "RHEA???" Too, too funny!

Also, for farm week, we've been spending some time square dancing! That, alone, has provided a few laughs! But at one point in the dance, Wesley piped up and said, "Ms. Sally, I'm a-do-si-doin'!" That little tidbit is only about a million times funnier if you've ever heard how serious Wesley is about everything!!

Finally, during square dancing, Harrison chose to sit and watch. During the time everyone else was dancing, he was sitting back with his arms crossed, and said, "Ms. Sally, I am really starting to see why you named this square dancing. I'm really seeing the square."

We're so happy to be back to our normal routine of love and laughter! Thanks for making us a part of your child's day!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Does anyone know where I can get a good pair of shoes??

I hope you are all having some luck with your shoebox gardens. The children really enjoyed putting them together in hopes that we might see some flowers start to bloom. Remember, when you do get a bloom, you need to repot it. They won't last in the shoebox!

On that note, when the children made the shoebox gardens, they got to look at the seed packets to choose what kind and color of flowers they wanted to grow. They all seemed to take a lot of time in choosing just the right ones, for just the right reasons. When Jack's mom came to get him, she asked him what would be growing in his shoebox garden. He thought a second and then said, "I don't know...I guess a shoe plant." As a woman, I know that if Jack grows a "shoe plant" he will indeed be set for life!

Yesterday morning, as I walked into school, I headed right to Ms. Carly's room to say good morning. Alli looked at me with the biggest smile on her face and said, "Ms. Lori! You're wearing clothes!!" I have no idea what that meant or where it came from, but she was so, so proud of me for it! I thought Ms. Carly was going to have to leave the room!

Thanks to everyone who made a point to dress your children for "Character Day!" They enjoyed it so much and it was such fun to see them all in costume. Check out our picture blogs to see the photos of our day!

Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine and warm weather!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Who loves you, Ms. Carly??

Today in Carly's room, the children were saying to one another, "I like you, Riya." "I like you, Grayson." "I like you, Remington." Grayson looked at Carly and said, "But we all love you, Ms. Carly." I wonder if he was trying to get a honey stick...

Last week in Carly's room, Ellery was heading to the bathroom. She stuck her head out and said, "I'm going to the bathroom. I'm going to be going pee-pee...and poo-poo. You guys go on with your preschool...this could take a while." Someday, she'll be mortified knowing that I told this story to everyone!!

Today, Cooper's mom brought chocolate covered edamame for the teachers to try (very, very good!!). Cooper was explaining to us what they were and said, "I like the chocolate, but I don't like the dried edamame. It's really hard to get all of the chocolate off without eating the edamame...but I can if I try really hard!" I knew I loved him with good reason!!

Finally, I was working with Ava today on her book, and she told me she wanted to dedicated it to "the boys in Ms. Sally's room". I tried to dissuade her a little, but she was firm...that was her dedication! I said, " can dedicate it to the boys." Then she said, "My mommy says, 'No boys, Ava.' But I say, 'Yes boys!!'"

I love my job...
Have a great weekend, everyone!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Little funnies

It's often the funny little things the kids say that really make our day!

Today, while working on his journal, Grayson was looking around the room and not really paying attention to what he was doing. Carly said, "Grayson, please pay attention to what you are doing." Nadia looked at Carly and said, "Ms. Carly...are you fussing at Grayson?" It was so cute!!

Then Sally's class was talking about what they would like to be when they grow up. Sara said, "I am going to be a rock star." Brooke said, "I'm going to be famous." Ashlee said, "I'm going to be a star." And then Gavin said, "Well, I guess I"ll be the moon!!" And he was so serious! Ms. Sally explained to him that a star is someone famous...he didn't comment...maybe he'll still be the moon!!!

Finally, I was in Ms. Carly's room this morning while she stepped out. The kids and I were watching the guinea pigs. I said, "They have been very loud today. Did you all hear them talking this morning?" Mihir's eyes were huge and he said, "I have heard them make lots of sounds...but I've never heard them TALK!!!"

And why we teach!!!