Monday, August 10, 2009

It's gonna be tough with no pockets and only one sharing hand...but we'll make it!

So, we're underway here for another year!! It's been fun so far, and we just keep expecting more and more fun to come along!

A cute little story to share about one of our new friends, Teagan. Teagan is a big helper and loves to get caught being good! So we very quickly needed to acquaint Teagan with our WOW program. (For those of you who have been with us before, you know all about WOWs and honeysticks...for those of you who don't know...just you wait and see!) So Ms. Tori sat her friends down and was explaining how when you do something great, you get a WOW (green slip of paper) or a honeystick to place in your pocket (an evelope type pocket on the wall). Teagan, and all of them really, were most excited for the opportunity to get a WOW/honeystick. It took no time to catch Teagan in the act of being good, and Ms. Tori said, "Teagan! Here's a WOW for your pocket!" Teagan lit up, then took the WOW from Tori. Then, as she looked down over herself, her shoulders slumped in disappointment. I saw this happen, and said, "What is it, Teagan??" And she says, "Well, I just got my first WOW. But I "weared" this skirt today...and it doesn't even have any pockets." I explained to her that her pocket was actually on the wall. She got that wonderful light back in her eyes and said, "OH...well I'm glad I don't need to BRING a pocket everyday!" I love it!! I love how their little minds are so literal to what we say! Regardless, Teagan got that WOW in the right pocket...and has added many, many more to it since!

Also, today Ms. Tori was heading outside with her class...trying to beat the rain. Just before they go out, Tori always reminds them to use their "sharing hands". She said, "Everyone hold up your sharing hands so I can see!" Little Ella holds up one hand with a band aid on her finger (she's OK, Amy & Mark...I couldn't even see the boo-boo...but it was there in her mind, so it had to be addressed!) and she says to Tori, "Well, one of my sharing hands is broken." Tori reminds Ella that that's OK, she has another hand that will still share. Ella goes, "Yeah...let's hope I use that one today!"

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Eternal Lizdom said...

So cute!! I just love that you blog these moments... really helps me stay connected. Teagan has certainly gotten a little, um, obsessed with those WOW cards!!