Friday, December 19, 2008

So here's a new one...
Ellery (who is usually very quiet and just taking things in) and I had a conversation yesterday that went like this...

Me: Ellery, come with me for a second please.
E: No, thanks.
Me: It wasn't a question. I need you to come with me..just for a second.
E: (at the tool bench) I'm fixing something.
Me: Two seconds, Ellery. Please.
E: OK...(dragging her feet and looking pretty irritated!)
E: (As we rounded the corner by Ms. Sally's room) I really do not have time for this.
Me: Well, you better make time, sister.
E: Well, I was fixing something...sister.

I busted out laughing and she did her best to continue looking irritated. Her mom said, "It's cute now...not so cute when she's older!" I beg to differ, thinking that she will be a woman who won't let anyone push her around! You go, girl!!!

Thanks again to everyone who came out to the program last night! We had so much fun and the children were amazing!! I hope you all have a great holiday with your cherubs! We'll be anxiously awaiting their return on January 5th, 2009!!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A couple of funnies from yesterday and today...

Yesterday Ms. Sally's blue room was up front playing on the computers. We had a big group, so we had to split up. The boys were on the computers, and the girls were playing with magnet blocks. Anytime they play with those blocks, the girls immediately make microphones out of the sticks and the balls that magnetize to the sticks. Then they proceed to put on a concert. So while this was all going on yesterday, Sally had her head in the office and she and I were talking. The girls were singing up a storm...and it was getting louder and more dramatic with each passing moment. All of a sudden, Oliver says "UH-SCUSE MEEEE!!" (If you've' heard him say it, you know what I'm talking about. He says "Excuse me" but what he means is "Stop what you're doing and focus on me for a second.") Sally looked at him and he said, without ever taking his eyes off the computer, "I can't take any more of that singing." Sally and I were hysterical!! I believe the singing continued, but at a lower volume and with a little less hip-shaking!

Yesterday afternoon, Jay was playing in the home living center, and he started throwing all of the clothes out of the dress up box. He wasn't planning on wearing them, he was just throwing them. He said, "Look, Ms. Carly! Grayson taught me how to do this!" To which Ms. Carly replied, "I hope Grayson taught you how to put them back." She truly is the epitomy of patience!!

Yesterday morning in the blue room, Oliver made a poor choice which Ms. Sally was using as a teachable moment. She never makes examples of the students, but when she addresses one of them for poor decision making, she always talks to them as a group. She sat everyone down, and they were discussing that the choice was not a good one and we all need to remember to make good choices. She never used Oliver's name, and was just speaking generally. When she does this, she always says to them, "Thumbs up if you understand my words." Everyone gave a thumbs up, and Oliver said, "I don't know why you're making them give a thumbs up, we all know you're talking to me. They don't need this talk, I do." I think he got the point!

Finally, today, Grayson and Jay were playing in the kitchen. Grayson put on a dress up outfit, picked up a purse, looked at Jay and said, "Come on, honey." And yes, Chad, Jay quickly did as he was told. He will make some woman a fine husband some day!

Ahhh...good times, good times!!! I don't know what each of your careers are, and you may really love what you do...but I guarantee you, there is no better opportunity in the world than to be the teacher or children in preschool. There are bigger paychecks, but there are no bigger smile makers in the world!!!!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Grand Prize Winner...

Miss Sara came in today full of tales! First, she told Ms. Sally that EJ (her big brother) called her "stupid." I guess she reminded EJ that Santa was watching when he said it. She told Ms. Sally, "Oh, I got him good!" Then she said to me, "You should really come to our house and see Baby Lilly." (her new cousin) I said, "That's Lena's sister, right?" And she said, "Awwww...You're the grand prize winner!"

Today was Grayson's birthday. He was so confused because his party was over the weekend, and he thought THAT was his birthday. So I walked into the classroom this morning and said, "Happy Birthday, Grayson!" and he said, "Happy birthday to you, too." Poor little guy...he has no idea that today is supposed to be all about him. Give it time, I guess!

Ms. Carly was putting up Christmas lights in her room this morning, and told her kids to take a look. Julian said, "Oh, good job Ms. Carly! Merry Christmas!" Bless her little heart, she was so proud of Ms. Carly!

Hope you're all having a fun day...we are!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving...

So, we all made it through the feast happy (most of us, Grayson) and well fed (all of us)! I want to again send a shout out to Ms. Sally and Ms. Carly for all of the hard work they put into today's shindig. I really was not up to par, and they totally just picked up and ran with the whole thing. THANK YOU GUYS! I don't know what I would do without you!!

The kids were so great in their little performances today. In the red room, all of the children said that they were thankful for their mommies or daddies, except Jay...who is thankful for the zoo. You gotta love it as a parent when you get overlooked thanks to the likes of a couple of baboons and some overly sing-songy lorikeets! Sorry, Chad and Holly...better luck next year!

Once all of the parents and grandparents left today, the kids were still very wound up and excited. They were all running around and talking and all of the sudden, Kian said, "You guys, we were so great! That was a great practice!" I'm not sure what he thought the true performance was going to entail, but apparently you all weren't it. Maybe he thinks it's all a big rehearsal for Thanksgiving '09...

Once we finally got everyone calmed down, and we were sooooo close to having the lunch mess cleaned up, Harrison said, "What's for snack?" Sally and I both froze in mid table wipe, blew our sweaty hair out of our faces, and looked at one another. I said to Harrison, "Are you kidding me??" He goes, "Well, I never had any lunch." Like it's my fault!!! Don't worry, Cristi, we fed the little angel and all of his friends. They all should have left that school today stuffed like the little turkeys they are!

Lots of cute moments today...true to form for the little cuties they are.

And one more...from last week. We were in the computer lab, and I was helping Cooper log onto his computer. The game he was playing lists all of the children's names, and they have to click their name to log into a saved game. I was doing this for Cooper...only I was clicking on Owen's name (in case you don't know Cooper and Owen, they are IDENTICAL twins). Cooper didn't say anything to me, just placed his little hand over mine on the mouse, drug the cursor to his name, clicked, and very quietly said, "There you go, Ms. Lori." It was almost like he felt bad for me! Bless his heart, I do it to them all the time, and they are both so patient with me. But in Owen's own words, "We are twins...and twins?? They look alike." Simply put.

Hope you all enjoyed today as much as we did. Have a wonderful holiday break and enjoy your little ones. We'll be anxiously awaiting their return on Monday!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

From the mouths of babes...

Just some cute things I've heard from little people recently:

On Tuesday, I was doing a tour with a potential family. I walked into the Blue room and was just telling them some different things the children do in there. At that time, the children were at the water table, which I pointed out to the family. Suddenly from the water table I hear these words, directed at not me, not the other children, but the family following along behind me: "Oh yeah. I'm the fabulous one!" I look over, and a "certain little girl" has both hands up in the air, both fingers pointing at the top of her own head, and one hip cocked out to the side. I thought the mom touring with me was going to pop! Would anyone care to guess who said it?

Today (Wednesday) the AM Pre-K was in the Green room working on a top secret project. Cooper and Owen were both using a turquoise color of paint. I commented that I really liked it, and Ms. Sally concurred, "I just love that blue! And Cooper and Owen, you're both using it." Owen piped up and said, "We call it 'Kleinmaier Blue'!"

Last week (or maybe the week before) I was talking to Harrison when his dad came in to pick him up. I grabbed Harrison as he walked past me and squeezed him and said, "I love seeing you everyday." Harrison pushed me away, looked at his dad and said, "See what I have to put up with all day?"

They certainly keep us laughing! More cute stories to follow regularly...I feel sure of it!

On a more serious note, we had our inspection from the State of Indiana today and passed with NO noncompliances. WOO-HOO for us!!! Lori (our consultant) was very happy with our program, and was especially impressed by our FABULOUS teachers!! And why wouldn't she be...they ROCK!

And HOORAY for these children who have achieved special milestones recently:
Ashlee can write her first AND last name!
Oliver, Cooper, and Owen completed all of the levels on one of our Clifford computer programs.
Riya and Nadia can say the Pledge of Allegiance.
Grayson is POTTY TRAINED! (WOO-HOO for Ms. Carly on that one!)

I know there's more, and I could go on and on. We're so proud of how quickly the kids are moving along! We're so excited for Parent/Teacher conferences to share more with you about what your child has done so far...and where we're going from here!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Every single day at Little Explorers, something funny or cute or amazing happens that I want to share with at least ONE of you! So here I go! This blog will be a place where we can just share great things that happen at LEP. Look for updates periodically...I'll update as often as I can!