Friday, April 17, 2009

Miss Josie

You know it's been a great day when your child gets a whole section in the blog named for her!

Yesterday, Josie was telling Ms. Sally a story...which I will get to in a moment...and she said, "Ms. Sally, I lie. I lie a lot. But I'm not lying now." Now here's the story that was all truth! Josie told her friends that her family had adopted another brother. His name is Jason. The kids were all looking at Josie with huge she kept going. "He is a boy, his name is Jason. He lives with us." Then she saw me watching her and said, "Actually, he's just visiting us at our house, not living there. And he's not even a boy, he's a girl..." I think at this point, she realized she was doomed, so she just stopped.

Then, as she was leaving yesterday afternoon, she passed Ms. Holly, who had done Spanish with the children earlier in the day. Josie said, "Asta Flamingos!" and skipped out the door with a huge smile on her face. She was so sure of herself...I love that!

Yesterday afternoon, I was talking to Ellery, who had on a new shirt that said, "I'm the big sister!" I complimented her shirt, and Jay happened to hear me. He started talking, not to me...but just sort of muttering, "I think I look pretty awesome today, too. I got this cool shirt on and these new basketball 'showts'. I look pretty 'tool'." So I said, "Hey, look pretty awesome a basketball player." He looked up and me and very nonchalantly said, "Oh, thanks!" It was obvious that he was trying so hard to look uninterested in the compliment, after his pep talk to himself.

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