Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday Funnies...

Ms. Sally: Friends your question of the day is "Do you have a favorite farm animal?"
Riya: I checked no. I don't have a farm animal. I have a sister, but she doesn't count.

Ms. Lori: Raise your hand if you hear the F sound. "We had pancakes for breakfast."
Teagan raises her hand.
Ms. Lori: Yes, Teagan! Where do you hear it?
Teagan: Pancakes!!!
Ms. Lori: I'm not sure about the F sound...but what other sounds do you hear?
Teagan: P and K. I just got confused because at our house, sometimes we call them FANcakes.
Ms. Lori: And do you eat them and drink FORANGE juice??
Teagan: Yeah...and lots of FYRUP!!

Playing with the parachute in Ms. Sally's room this morning...
Beth: Ms. Sally, there's too much people in here.
Ms. Sally: Beth, this is our preschool family...isn't it nice to be together as a whole family??
Beth: Not 'weally'.

If Mohammad doesn't go to the pumpkin patch...We bring the pumpkin patch to Mohammad!

This might not LOOK like the pumpkin patch you were expecting....BUT....

Sally's class decided this morning that rain or no rain, they were going to the pumpkin patch! So they pulled out one of our pumpkin tablecloths, spread it on the floor, requested popcorn and apple juice for snack, cranked up the music, and...instant field trip!!!

(Ella enjoying her popcorn snack!)

Clayton said, "This is better than the real pumpkin patch!" And warmer...and drier!!

(Clayton and Mugsie Monkey...enjoying a day at the pumpkin patch!)

We promised them they wouldn't have to "learn" anything they turned off their brains and got ready for fun!! The parachute will be coming out shortly...and I have a feeling some pumpkin races will be taking place in the hallway today!

(J playing his air guitar!!)

The other classrooms have followed suit having popcorn parties and taking part in fun projects. We're so lucky to have teachers who can turn it on and fly by the seat of their pants in a pinch!!

So, yeah...we don't need no stinkin' pumpkin patch!!!

UPDATE...the pumpkin races have officially started...I KNEW IT!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Don't tell tales...

Riya walked to Sally this morning, touched Sally's nose and then pulled her finger way out in front of Sally's face, saying: "Ms. Sally, if you are wrong, your nose will start to grow. And then you can't come to school."

Hmmm...wonder if Miss Riya got caught telling a little fib to mom and dad??

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall Fun!

With all of the rain today, we had to bring the outside in! The kids LOVED making the leaves "fall" with the parachute. What a great activity...and we came up with it on the spur of the moment!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just another day in Ms. Sally's world...

Ms. Sally fell the floor. SHE'S OKAY!!! But after she fell, she looked up to see Harrison with a funny look on her face. She said, "You thought that was funny, didn't you, H?" He replies, "I wanted to laugh so bad, Ms. Sally, but I was afraid you might really be hurt!!"

This morning in Sally's room, two boys were having a problem because one of them said the other one spit at him. After some talking, Sally realized that the little boy spit on the other when he was talking...on accident. Sally sat with both boys and said, "It's important to swallow before you talk. If you don't, you may spit on someone else. It does happen, I've spit on Ms. Lori before when we were talking. I just told her I was sorry. So, "first little boy", can you please apologize to "other little boy"?" Boy #1: I'm sorry. Boy #2: I "assept" your apology.
Problem solved, Ms. Sally got up and walked away. Ben, who has been watching this whole thing goes, "Whoa...Ms. Sally, you're just like Dr. Phil!"