Friday, October 15, 2010

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Ahhhhhh-tumn Break

Next week is Fall Break. And while we are all smiling and looking forward to a few days has nothing to do with the children around here! Do we look forward to sleeping in? Yes. Do we look forward to being able to spend time with our families? Of course. Is it nice to have time to catch up on things around the house? You bet. we look forward to time away from these kids? Nope. Believe it or not...we MISS them! You know how you look forward to a vacation without kids, and then you get away and all you do is miss your kids?? That's sort of how it is to teach. You stay at home...and you kind of feel like you're missing a limb. And you look forward to coming back to the sweet faces and the giggles and the little hand that reaches for yours while you're walking in the hallway and the whiny voice the cries out "TEACHER...HE TOUCHED ME!!". OK...maybe not that. But these little ones do become engrained in our lives. Enjoy your time with them next week! And know that while we'll be enjoying our time, too...we'll be missing them.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Aww...I love you, too

We have had a crazy week around here with water hot water (we thought), low water pressure, leaks..just craziness. I have been on the phone with the plumber more times than I would have thought possible in one week. Yesterday, I happened to glance over at the green room sink while someone was washing their hands, and thought it was leaking from underneath. I yelled, "OH NO!" And then told Whittney I thought she had a leak in her room. I said, "If I call that plumber one more time, he's going to think I have a crush on him." Kyle said, "What's a crush mean?" I couldn't really think of how to explain it, so I just said, "Well, a crush is when you're kind of sweet on someone." Kyle looked at me and said, "Ms. Lori, I think I have a crush on you." I love my job.

Speaking of Kyle, he announced yesterday that his dad lost four teeth. Annika replied, "My dad didn't , 'cause he's not old yet."

Today is dress like a farmer day! I always love to see the combinations that everyone comes up with for farmer day! Everything from John Deere hats, to bandanas, to galoshes...You parents have some great imaginations, and we appreciate the effort you put forth in helping your kids enjoy this day!!