Friday, May 8, 2009

Ms. Lori, how can you be so cruel??

Yesterday, as Nolan was leaving school, he tripped and fell. He looked like he was going to cry, so trying to distract him, I said, "No, no floor! You don't hurt Nolan!" He looked up at me and said, "Not the floor, the tree." (Meaning the huge plant in the front office.) So I quickly said, "NO, no tree! You don't hurt Nolan!!" Nolan walked very quietly to the tree, started petting it's leaves and said, "It's ok, tree. It was just a accident (ass-uh-dent)." He kept looking at me like I was so cruel to talk to the tree that way...I actually felt a little sorry for the plant! It takes these kids to keep me sweet. (For those of you who know me well, stop laughing..I'm very sweet!!!)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Magnificent Moms

Ahhh...Mom's night is complete, and it was a success! Now that most of you have your Mother's Day books that we made (whew!) I wanted to share a few funnies that happened while we were working...

By far, the BEST answer I got to any of the questions was this one that came from Josie:
Me: How are you and your mom alike?
Jo: We both like TV
Me: How are you and your mom different?
Jo: Well, I'M smart.

Alli told me that she loves how her mom is "squishy". If you've seen Alli's mom, you know she is super fit and there is no "squish" to her anywhere! I think it's Alli's way of describing her mom's soft personality. I love that!

I giggled at many of the ages given to you ladies...everything from 2 to 100.

The favorite foods were funny too. Lots of you moms are eating a lot of pasta according to your kiddos!

The overall favorite thing you all like to do or are good at is taking a nap...and I'm right there with you! But there were some other good ones, too, like "Give me a bath" (Kian), "Play PacMan with me" (Riley), and "Chasing daddy!" (Nadia).

I liked to hear what it is that your kids think you say to them a lot! Most of them said some form of "I love you." However, Alli said her mom says "Hi, Alli" quite a lot. Jasmine's mom asks her to clean her room. And Tessa's mom tells her to go to her classroom! (Considering Tessa has only been with us 2 weeks...)

I hope you all enjoyed the "How do you know your mom loves you?" question. It really is the small things you do!

Thanks again to all of you who were able to make it tonight. We were excited by the great turnout, and the children truly enjoyed it. Tell me you all didn't go home chanting "A Tooty Ta, A Tooty Ta, A tooty ta-ta!" What a great night!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day! You all deserve it! Thanks for being the great moms you are, and in turn, raising phenomenal children! We're grateful!! Happy Mother's Day!