Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday Funnies...

Ms. Sally: Friends your question of the day is "Do you have a favorite farm animal?"
Riya: I checked no. I don't have a farm animal. I have a sister, but she doesn't count.

Ms. Lori: Raise your hand if you hear the F sound. "We had pancakes for breakfast."
Teagan raises her hand.
Ms. Lori: Yes, Teagan! Where do you hear it?
Teagan: Pancakes!!!
Ms. Lori: I'm not sure about the F sound...but what other sounds do you hear?
Teagan: P and K. I just got confused because at our house, sometimes we call them FANcakes.
Ms. Lori: And do you eat them and drink FORANGE juice??
Teagan: Yeah...and lots of FYRUP!!

Playing with the parachute in Ms. Sally's room this morning...
Beth: Ms. Sally, there's too much people in here.
Ms. Sally: Beth, this is our preschool family...isn't it nice to be together as a whole family??
Beth: Not 'weally'.

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