Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's that called again???

Many of you have probably seen the dioramas hanging on the wall on the way to the Pre-K room. Ms. Sally was so excited about these, and was having the children tell their parents about them when they came for pick up. When Wesley's mom came, Ms. Sally said, "Wes, tell mommy what we made today!" He was trying to think of the word, but couldn't come up with it on his own. Sally tried to help him out saying, "Di-uh...." and Wesley gave her the strangest look and said, "RHEA???" Too, too funny!

Also, for farm week, we've been spending some time square dancing! That, alone, has provided a few laughs! But at one point in the dance, Wesley piped up and said, "Ms. Sally, I'm a-do-si-doin'!" That little tidbit is only about a million times funnier if you've ever heard how serious Wesley is about everything!!

Finally, during square dancing, Harrison chose to sit and watch. During the time everyone else was dancing, he was sitting back with his arms crossed, and said, "Ms. Sally, I am really starting to see why you named this square dancing. I'm really seeing the square."

We're so happy to be back to our normal routine of love and laughter! Thanks for making us a part of your child's day!!

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Caren said...

Oh, that Harrison!! SO funny :-)