Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A couple of funnies from yesterday and today...

Yesterday Ms. Sally's blue room was up front playing on the computers. We had a big group, so we had to split up. The boys were on the computers, and the girls were playing with magnet blocks. Anytime they play with those blocks, the girls immediately make microphones out of the sticks and the balls that magnetize to the sticks. Then they proceed to put on a concert. So while this was all going on yesterday, Sally had her head in the office and she and I were talking. The girls were singing up a storm...and it was getting louder and more dramatic with each passing moment. All of a sudden, Oliver says "UH-SCUSE MEEEE!!" (If you've' heard him say it, you know what I'm talking about. He says "Excuse me" but what he means is "Stop what you're doing and focus on me for a second.") Sally looked at him and he said, without ever taking his eyes off the computer, "I can't take any more of that singing." Sally and I were hysterical!! I believe the singing continued, but at a lower volume and with a little less hip-shaking!

Yesterday afternoon, Jay was playing in the home living center, and he started throwing all of the clothes out of the dress up box. He wasn't planning on wearing them, he was just throwing them. He said, "Look, Ms. Carly! Grayson taught me how to do this!" To which Ms. Carly replied, "I hope Grayson taught you how to put them back." She truly is the epitomy of patience!!

Yesterday morning in the blue room, Oliver made a poor choice which Ms. Sally was using as a teachable moment. She never makes examples of the students, but when she addresses one of them for poor decision making, she always talks to them as a group. She sat everyone down, and they were discussing that the choice was not a good one and we all need to remember to make good choices. She never used Oliver's name, and was just speaking generally. When she does this, she always says to them, "Thumbs up if you understand my words." Everyone gave a thumbs up, and Oliver said, "I don't know why you're making them give a thumbs up, we all know you're talking to me. They don't need this talk, I do." I think he got the point!

Finally, today, Grayson and Jay were playing in the kitchen. Grayson put on a dress up outfit, picked up a purse, looked at Jay and said, "Come on, honey." And yes, Chad, Jay quickly did as he was told. He will make some woman a fine husband some day!

Ahhh...good times, good times!!! I don't know what each of your careers are, and you may really love what you do...but I guarantee you, there is no better opportunity in the world than to be the teacher or children in preschool. There are bigger paychecks, but there are no bigger smile makers in the world!!!!

Have a great day!

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