Friday, December 19, 2008

So here's a new one...
Ellery (who is usually very quiet and just taking things in) and I had a conversation yesterday that went like this...

Me: Ellery, come with me for a second please.
E: No, thanks.
Me: It wasn't a question. I need you to come with me..just for a second.
E: (at the tool bench) I'm fixing something.
Me: Two seconds, Ellery. Please.
E: OK...(dragging her feet and looking pretty irritated!)
E: (As we rounded the corner by Ms. Sally's room) I really do not have time for this.
Me: Well, you better make time, sister.
E: Well, I was fixing something...sister.

I busted out laughing and she did her best to continue looking irritated. Her mom said, "It's cute now...not so cute when she's older!" I beg to differ, thinking that she will be a woman who won't let anyone push her around! You go, girl!!!

Thanks again to everyone who came out to the program last night! We had so much fun and the children were amazing!! I hope you all have a great holiday with your cherubs! We'll be anxiously awaiting their return on January 5th, 2009!!

Merry Christmas!

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Caren said...

Lori, Sally and Carly...
You did a great job getting the kids ready. They were SO cute and the songs were fun to listen to which was a good thing because Kian sang "Toys on the tree" about a million times!!
Thank you so much for such a great time.