Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Grand Prize Winner...

Miss Sara came in today full of tales! First, she told Ms. Sally that EJ (her big brother) called her "stupid." I guess she reminded EJ that Santa was watching when he said it. She told Ms. Sally, "Oh, I got him good!" Then she said to me, "You should really come to our house and see Baby Lilly." (her new cousin) I said, "That's Lena's sister, right?" And she said, "Awwww...You're the grand prize winner!"

Today was Grayson's birthday. He was so confused because his party was over the weekend, and he thought THAT was his birthday. So I walked into the classroom this morning and said, "Happy Birthday, Grayson!" and he said, "Happy birthday to you, too." Poor little guy...he has no idea that today is supposed to be all about him. Give it time, I guess!

Ms. Carly was putting up Christmas lights in her room this morning, and told her kids to take a look. Julian said, "Oh, good job Ms. Carly! Merry Christmas!" Bless her little heart, she was so proud of Ms. Carly!

Hope you're all having a fun day...we are!

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