Friday, October 14, 2011

New Year...New Funnies!

First time on for the new school year! Thought I'd share a few funnies that we've heard around LEP!!

Our friend Drew, who is a tiny little thing, also happens to be a fan of the skinny jeans fad. He wears skinny jeans nearly every day. Caryn helps Drew get ready for nap time, and changes him into a pull up before he goes on to his cot. (We joke with Caryn each day that if an emergency should ever arise, and one of the Jonas Brothers needs assistance in getting out of his skinny jeans and into a pull up...she is the man for the job!) So Caryn will call Drew over every day and say something like, "Let's get those skinny jeans off and get you into this pull up." And we all laugh... So one day, Caryn called Drew over to get him ready for nap, and with a huge grin on his face, Drew said to her, "Ms. Caryn, my jeans are CRAZY skinny today!"

In our Kindergarten class, the kids come in each day and do their jobs independently as Ms. Sally goes around and greets each of them. They then do a morning circle time, which Ms. Sally leads. Then, they get into their groups for the morning, which Ms. Sally divides them into by name. One morning, after all of these things had been done and the children were working, Ava walked over to the table where Ms. Sally was sitting and said, "Ms. Sally. I'm so glad you're here today! I hadn't noticed you yet!"

Our friend Tristen is one who will speak her mind...openly. One day, she told a friend that she didn't like her and I pulled her aside to ask her why. This was Tristen's response (please insert your own Kentucky accent!): "She was just sittin' there lookin' at me with a big ol' look on her face like this (insert frowny face) and I didn't like it." I told Tristen's mom I will be anxious to hear about the road she will travel with Tristen as she gets older...

One day after nap, I went into the green room to try and help with some of the daily chaos of trying to get 10 grumps awake, off their cots, shoes on, pottied, and to the snack table in some sort of orderly fashion. I was sitting on the carpet, tying shoes when I heard a "fatherly" sort of voice behind me say, "Ben LEEMaster, if you don't sit still, I don't know how you think I'm ever going to get these shoes on you." And it was Jase!! He was waking up the little ones, and helping them get their shoes on. As funny as it was to hear him say that to Ben, it also warmed my heart to see one of our "big" kids taking on the role of caretaker for one of our little ones. And on the flip side, Ben was lighting up all over that Jase was helping him...priceless!

On the playground one afternoon, the children found a spider, and were having mixed reviews about what we should do about him. Zachary C., however, was very clear on his thoughts, "KILL HE! KILL HE!!" Funny how a simple switch in pronouns can make you feel like you've suddenly time traveled back into a time of knights and such... (sound familiar, Liz??)

And many, many more funnies happen here every day! We'll try to post as often as we can, but know that every child at LEP brings a smile to our faces each and every day...some of them just happen to be more vocal than others!!

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