Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Catching up on some funnies...

George, in the red room, was trying to get a laugh at of Daniel. He squeezed his own cheeks together and said, "My name's Chubby..." Daniel, not really getting the humor in it, didn't laugh. George said, "C'mon, dude, that's funny. Watch me again." He squeezed his cheeks and said, "My name's Chubby..." Still nothing from Daniel. George goes, "Daniel, that's funny." Nothing. George threw his hands up and walked away muttering, "Just forget about it.."

When we were collecting our pajamas during our drive, Kyle asked me why we were doing it. I explained to him that they were for children who were in need of new PJs. He goes, "I could use some new ones, should I just pick them out when my mom comes?" I explained that if he needed new jammies, his parents would probably buy him some, but some children's parents can't get them new pajamas when they need them. So he said, " what, are you just going to go house to house and ring the bell to see if they can't afford new pajamas and if they can't, you'll just give them some?" I told him no, there are people who know those children, and they can get the pajamas to them in time for Christmas. After two, maybe three, scenarios of what ifs and whys, Kyle said, "I think I'm catching on to this Pajama thing..."

Gwyneth's mom told me she had left her tuition check in Gwyneth's backpack. I was digging around in her pack, and Gwyneth goes, "I lost a wheel." (It's a roller backpack.) I said, "You did? Sorry to hear it." She goes, "Yeah...I'm a little off today..."

During the Holiday program, Pierce was walking up to the stage, and as he started up the steps, he said, "Ms. Lori, are my pants down in the back?" I said, "Nope. You're good." He goes, "OK." He took another step or two, and said, "Are you sure my pants are ok?" I said, "Yeah, buddy. You're fine...what's going on?" I hitched his pants up in the back and said, "It sure seems like I feel a lot of air on my butt..."

Oh these funny kids.....

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Eternal Lizdom said...

Yay for an update! Love the funny stories!