Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Welcome to another fun(ny) school year at LEP!

So here it goes...first post of the new school year! And what a great start it has been! We have a super bunch of kids this year. Unique personalities, lots of interests, and...of course...all just as cute as can be! I've already picked out a few who I think may become "blog regulars"!

And now...on to a few cute things from the mouths of our Little Monkeys!

Kyle was on the playground, and by his own choice sitting on the curb.
Ms. Lori: Kyle, are you feeling ok?
Kyle: Not really.
Ms. Lori: What's up?
Kyle: My body hurts.
Ms. Lori: What hurst specifically?
Kyle: Everything...but mostly my throat...and my organs.
As the kindergarten class was lining up to leave for the day, Zachary escaped the room and was out in the hallway where Ms. Sally couldn't see him. Sally has a strict rule, "If my eyes can't see you, I can't keep you safe."
Ms. Sally: Oh Zachary, you need to come right back in the room, please.
Zachary: Why? (add your own whining here)
Ms. Sally: Because if my eyes can't see you, I can't keep you safe.
Zachary: I know, I know...(and then muttering) why does she need to see me? I know where I'm going...Ms. Lori's office. Teachers think they know everything.
It was lunch time, and Satch was serving home made chicken nuggets, which she had coated with panko bread crumbs. When she placed them on Kyle's plate, he said, "Oh, no thanks, Ms. Satch. I don't really care for furry chicken." She explained to him that it was bread crumbs, and that maybe he should try some. After a little coaxing, he tried a bite and said, "YUM! I never knew it, but I guess I DO like furry chicken after all!" The nuggets have now become known as "furry chicken" and are a lunch time favorite!!
Nate is a new addition to our LEP family, and has brought a ton of smiles to my face this year. He also happens to be Ms. Jen's son. He is full of information that is always willing to share! One afternoon, I was sitting up front with the PreK class and we were looking for T words. Nate pointed out that his name is a T word...it's just in a different place. And then went on to give me this oration:
"My name is a T word, Ms. Lori. Just not a front T word. It's a back T word..like this (making the letter sounds) n-ay-t-...and then there's the 'e' but it's silent, and when you have a silent 'e' the first vowel says its own name. See I have these videos at home that teach you to read...and they tell you things like that...and also things like 'when two vowels go walkin' the first does the talkin'"...stuff like that. And THAT is how I know my name is T word. Nate." Everything Nate shares with me is in detail like that...I love it!
Little Leah overheard me telling other children that it was time for Tumblebus and was insistent that she was supposed to be doing it, too! I finally had to call her mommy to check because she was so convincing! "Ms. Lori, I'm supposed to be doing the TumbleButt. I am. My mom signed me up for TumbleButt...she did. Call her." So I did, and her mom said it was fine! Leah's response? "Yay! I love TumbleButt!!!"
Then there are our singers...
*Cameron making up his own words in the shape center to Paprazzi by Gaga...and making it educational! (I've got lots of circles, I've got lots of squares and hearts, too. I've got, I've got blocksies...) Nice!
*Beth singing "Baby I Like It" be Enrique Iglesias while washing her hands for 10 minutes in the bathroom...and watching herself in the mirror!

I know there are a million more stories I could post...and I will! Your kids do and say cute and funny things every day. Check back often for a chuckle or a smile brought to you by the kids of LEP!


Balfashion said...

Kids are so cute...they say whatever comes to their minds...I love their innocence. I wish we could all be like kids… they are so full of life. Lori, you are amazing and doing an amazing job. Jujhar and Megan love coming to school every day…even on weekends and I have to sit down and explain the weekends to them…lol ;) They love being in Ms. Tori’s class. They are learning so much…everyday they learn about a new letter and practice around the house…they are even teaching your future student “Shaun” everything. They love you!!

Lori said...

Thank you, Bal! It has been a blessing to watch them grow...